A list of public software projects I've created

BeeStation preview


Uses: DreamMaker, JavaScript, SCSS, React, Python

Maintainer for a fork of the game 'Space Station 13' - over 500 PRs reviewed and over 150 PRs submitted. The game is very large, and has a lot of outdated code, so reviewing and keeping it up to date is a major undertaking. I've contributed many major improvements to the game.

HP OMEN Mindframe Control preview

HP OMEN Mindframe Control

Uses: C#, Windows Forms, Costura.Fody, .NET

A self-made control software for the HP Omen Mindframe headset. Designed to be more lightweight than OMEN Command Center.

Spicetify Canvas preview

Spicetify Canvas

Uses: spicetify-cli, Spotify, JavaScript, Protobuf, Chromium Embedded Framework, CSS

Implements Spotify Canvas (a mobile app exclusive feature that adds short, looping video to the background of a track) on the desktop client using Spicetify.

MapDiffBot-DMM preview


Uses: Python, Flask, WSGI

A GitHub integration bot for generating DMM file diffs in DMM format. DMM is a map file format for 'Space Station 13'.

Upload to CurseForge (GitHub Action)

Uses: JavaScript, GitHub Actions, CurseForge, NodeJS

A GitHub Action that allows workflows to upload files to CurseForge using the CurseForge file upload API


Uses: Java, Minecraft, Minecraft Forge, Gradle

A shaded library for Minecraft mods implementing highly customizable and extensible entity builders, automatic configuration building, lambda-based entity render builders, and other utilities.

Temperature Viewer

Uses: JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Gatsby, SCSS, HTML, Express, MariaDB, SQL

Frontend and backend for a web page that stores temperature and humidity and displays live updating graphs over time.

Temperature Reader

Uses: JavaScript, NodeJS, GPIO, MariaDB, SQL, pigpio

NodeJS program that inserts temperature information read from GPIO into a database. Includes LED-based error indication.

Pack Bot

Uses: JavaScript, NodeJS, discord.js, Discord API

A Discord bot that allows creation of a collaborative Minecraft texture pack. Members are able to be randomly assigned a set of textures, pick which one they want to complete, and then automatically submit these textures for review, all taking place in Discord. Used to create Minecraft YouTuber a6d's "Minecraft, but 100 kids made the pack" video.

twenty one pilots Level of Concern ARG Tester preview

twenty one pilots Level of Concern ARG Tester

Uses: JavaScript, NodeJS, discord.js, Discord API

A Discord bot that allows testing of codes and keywords used in the twenty one pilots "Level of Concern" USB alternate reality game. It was used in the process of solving the ARG in a Discord server for puzzle-solvers.

OpenTDB Viewer

Uses: JavaScript, Gatsby, HTML, SCSS, React, OpenTDB, Bootstrap

A web application allowing Trivia to be played using data from Open Trivia Database