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About Me

Hi! I'm itsmeowdev, I'm a learner who loves computing, especially programming - with a passion for game development. I'm an experienced Minecraft mod developer, Space Station 13 developer, with a strong programming background. I also love front-end web development and web design - I made the website you are currently viewing from scratch!

I'm currently a university student majoring in Cybersecurity & IT Management, with a minor in game design. I love sharing my knowledge with others and help run the cybersecurity club on my campus.

The Person Behind the Veil

Other than programming, some of my favorite things include various video games - I am a huge fan of space-themed games, sandbox games, and atmospheric horror games.

Some of my favorite games are:

  • Minecraft
  • Space Station 13
  • Elite: Dangerous
  • Super Paper Mario
  • My Sims: Kingdom
  • Tower Unite
  • Night in the Woods

Some of my favorite horror games and other media include:

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • SOMA
  • Alien: Isolation
  • Outlast
  • Penumbra: Black Plague
  • SCP Wiki
  • The Magnus Archives

I also love learning about random topics, I watch a lot of edutainment on YouTube - channels like Wendover Productions, Real Life Lore, etc. I absorb a lot of random information, so I love doing trivia and learning more random information.

On the TV side of things some of my favorite shows are:

  • Doctor Who
  • Heartbreak High
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

I love theater, and I have taken part in my university's productions in the past! Another random (and unrelated) fun fact about me: I can ride a unicycle. Yep! It's just one of those things I learned as a kid and never forgot.

Also, if it wasn't obvious enough from my username, I like cats! I've never actually owned a cat, however. I will update this page when I do finally get a cat.

Programming Specializations


I have more than seven years of experience creating mods/addons for Minecraft, using a variety of tools including Forge, Bukkit, and Fabric. Through this I have gained experience in supporting a large userbase and dealing with issue tickets. My mods combined have amassed over 40 million downloads and continue to grow. I specialize in adding entities but I have a general understanding of most modding topics.


I am skilled with Java, as my most practiced and first programming language. I've used it to create countless projects and tools over many years. It's not my favorite, but it's capable and necessary in the case of Minecraft mods.


I am a huge fan of the JavaScript ecosystem, just due to the sheer volume of libraries and tools available. As such, I often find myself using NodeJS if I need to make a small script or project. I am quite familiar with Node, as it makes up the other portion of my regular programming tasks.

Web (HTML/CSS/React)

I am also experienced in a variety of web development tools and languages. I've used modern JavaScript tools such as NodeJS and React. As an example, this website was written using Gatsby.js, React, and Bootstrap.

I have designed a wide variety of websites, including as coursework. I'm careful to keep things working on mobile layouts. A lot of my web design also takes place within the confines of Space Station 13's UI engine, TGUI, which is based on Inferno, a react-like web framework. I've developed several major UI addition to the game which use web technology.

Database Design and SQL

Most of my experience with database design comes from Space Station 13, where I developed a database preferences system. I have also made several smaller projects interacting with SQL databases, such as my ActiveRewards Spigot plugin.


I am familiar with Visual C# design using Visual Studio and have used it to create desktop applications, utilizing DLLs to perform tasks using graphical input. I also use C# in Unity for work-in-progress games, mostly doing physics and input programming. I find C# to be very familiar coming from a Java background.


I am familiar with various scripting languages, including Python, Lua, Batch, and Bash. I am quite comfortable with Python and have used it for several projects.

Regardless of all the technologies and languages I may or may not have used, I have proven to be a fast learner. I learned Bukkit in a week and used it to write a full localization system for an existing plugin. I also taught myself how to code. I learned React.js in a week so I could stop copy-pasting HTML on this website. Onboarding for me typically goes very smoothly.

Cybersecurity Background

My background in cybersecurity mostly involves being generally aware of how programs work and how security exploits work, and applying that knowledge to cybersecurity competitions as well as my personal programs and servers.

My major program also includes cybersecurity frameworks and communication to management - I am most interested and experienced in hardening and programming security but I also have experience in forensics, binary exploitation, reverse engineering, and penetration testing.

I have received high (top 10 to and including 1st place) rankings in the NCAE Cyber Games, National Cyber League, as well as a few smaller CTFs. I now contribute to the competition platform for NCAE Cyber Games after having graduated from the competition.


If you have an idea for a mod, plugin, or anything programming related you want made, and some money, shoot me a message on my Discord.


I have a many long-term projects and mods I maintain, you can find these listed on the mods and projects pages. Almost all of my projects' source can be found on GitHub - I am strong believer in open source software.