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Hobbyist Minecraft Mod Developer
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About itsmeow

I'm a hobbyist developer, I love learning new technologies and improving my skills in all sorts of things. I love learning about computing, science, math, engineering, random trivia, chemistry, and more.


I have more than five years of experience creating mods/addons for Minecraft, using a variety of tools including Forge, Bukkit, and Fabric. Through this I have gained experience in supporting a large userbase and dealing with issue tickets. My mods combined have amassed over 20 million downloads and continue to grow.


I am skilled with Java, as my most practiced and first programming language. I've used it to create countless projects and tools over many years.


I am also experienced in a variety of web development tools and languages. I've used modern JavaScript tools such as NodeJS and React. I have light experience with SQL database design and querying. As an example, this website was written using Gatsby.js, React, and Bootstrap.


I am familiar with Visual C# design using Visual Studio and have used it to create desktop applications, utilizing DLLs to perform tasks using graphical input. I have also used C# in Unity to drive engine activity and player control.


I am familiar with various scripting languages, including Python, Lua, Batch, and Bash.

In conclusion

Regardless of all the technologies and languages I may or may not have used, I am dedicated to learning and improving in all categories, and have proven to be a fast learner. I learned Bukkit in a week and used it to write a full localization system for an existing plugin. I taught myself how to code using the Internet when I was just 10 years old. I learned React.js in a week so I could stop copy-pasting HTML on this website.


If you have an idea for a mod, plugin, or anything programming related you want made, and some money, shoot me a message on my Discord.


I have a many long-term projects and mods I maintain, you can find these listed on the mods and plugins pages. Almost all of my projects' source can be found on GitHub.